2020 Online Painting Lesson Membership


2020 Online Painting Lesson Membership

US $249.00



Prefer a payment plan? Pay $50 for 5 months by CLICKING HERE

The 2020 Online Painting Lesson Membership will give you access to all of the lessons released in 2020 and much more.

I average about 4 new online painting lessons per month, and their average price is around $25. That’s 48 lessons valued at $1200. You are getting every one of those lessons at a fraction of the price plus a lot more. Read what the membership also includes below.

Online Lessons: You’ll receive a minimum of 40 lessons in 2020 with a possibility of getting over 50 lessons depending on how quickly I get them out. You are guaranteed to receive 40 minimum.

You’ll also receive 4 extended length lessons. Each of these 4 lessons will cover the 4 major painting subjects. Landscape, Still Life, Portrait and Animals. Most of my lessons are 1 – 3 hours long, but the 4 extended length lessons will be 6 – 8 hours long. This will allow us to dive deeper into layering and techniques that bring your paintings to the next level.

Here is a lesson preview:

Drawing lesson database: I’m rolling out a new feature to the website for members only. This is a drawing lesson database. This will consist of drawing lessons that will be added each month throughout 2019. It will cover basics all the way up to advanced techniques. It will give you advice on how to improve your drawing through daily exercises you can do in 5 to 10 minutes. How you can translate your drawings into paintings and more.  Drawing is the backbone of art, and if you improve your drawing you’ll improve your painting.

Here is a drawing lesson preview:

Reference Photo Project Library, and color mixing chart library: Sometimes you might want to venture into a painting with just some basic instruction and help. The Reference Photo Project Library will help you do just that.  The library will be added to each month with suggestions from members. Each photo will have color mixing tips and a general overview on how to approach the image. Members can send photos for me to add to the library as well (upon approval).  I’m also creating color charts for different colors from different brands.  You’ll get access to all of them as I complete them.  Color charts will be twice a month, and photo project library will have a new project once a week.

Color Mixing Chart Example:


Private Facebook Group Page for Members Only: Gain access to a new facebook group page for members only. This will be a lessons only page where we will discuss techniques, have follow up videos, live video painting and more. The current facebook group page will not change or go away, but this will be a separate page where we will help each other on specific lessons and techniques and will be 100% lesson based learning.

Access to my marketing help facebook group page:  I’m also going to help you with marketing advice and more if you sell artwork.  I’ll go over marketing on social media (facebook, instagram, youtube), ideas on marketing with no budget or with a budget.  Advice on festivals, art shows, approaching galleries and more.

Workshop and Brush Discounts: As a member you’ll get $100 off in person workshops. Want to join my painting lesson group up here in Maine? If you are ever in the area and you’re a member you can join in my monthly local class for free. You’ll also receive a 5% discount on all brushes for 2019 with the ability to purchase individual brushes to replace overused ones.  You’ll also gain access to new brushes and brush sets that I’m working on.

Locked in price:  I foresee the membership price going up over time.  The reason being is each database above will eventually have hundreds of items making it an extremely valuable resource, and expensive for me to host on the internet.  Getting a 2020 membership will lock you in at this price for life so you’ll never have to worry about the price changing for you.

*holiday special credit can not be used to purchase membership for 2020, this is due to the drastic discount of the membership price.  Thank you for your understanding!

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