Jenna Silander – Something I Want – Acrylic Painting Lesson – DVD VERSION

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You can almost feel the cold crisp air in this painting. Jenna’s painting lesson Something I Want, will take you through painting this winter tree scene from start to finish. Not only will you learn an amazing color scheme that you can use in future paintings, you’ll learn how Jenna layers her colors to create her signature atmosphere. Learn how to layer a beautiful snowy blue color in the trees to give them depth, and that nice cool feel you want in a winter scene. You’ll have a ton of fun painting along with Jenna in this 1.5 hour lesson.

Lesson Preview:

Canvas Size: 11 X 14
Colors Used: Prussian Blue, Titanium White, Oxide Black, Magenta, Naples Yellow, Ultramarine Blue
Lesson Length: 1.5 hours
Brushes Used: Large Flat, Angle Brushes, medium flat or round brush for foliage, small pointed round brush