Jenna Silander – Magical Forest – An Acrylic Painting Lesson ONLINE

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Learn how to paint a mystical forest scene with Jenna Silander. Jenna will take you through each step in the process of this painting. You will learn how to mix color, which brushes to choose, how to apply the paint and how to layer effectively to capture Jenna’s mystical style.

This painting just glows with all the vibrant greens. Come see all the techniques and tricks Jenna uses to create this glowing beautiful effect. You’ll have so much fun learning how to paint trees, foliage, grass and more in this acrylic painting lesson.

There’s nothing more magical than a deep forest lit up by the light above. Now you can learn how to create that magic in the comfort of your home with Jenna Silander.

Canvas Size: 13 X 16 (11 X 14 or anything similar will work)
Colors Used: