Jenna Silander – How Far Would I Go – DVD Acrylic Painting Lesson

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Come paint with artist Jenna Silander and learn how to create her masterful painting: How Far Would I Go. Jenna takes you through every step in this painting from painting in the sky, then working through each step of the middle ground and foreground. Learn how to layer paint to get all the fine details Jenna creates in her paintings. Learn how to do mini washes and create atmosphere that give paintings life.

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Materials Used

Colors: Titanium white, Prussian blue, Payne’s grey, Brilliant blue (not mandatory), Sap green, Bright green, Yellow green, Burnt umber, Cadmium yellow, Oxide black, Yellow Ochre

Tools: Background brush, flat angled brushes, flat brushes, small palette knife, small round brushes.

Canvas Size: 11 X 14