Jenna Silander – Discovering My Way – An Acrylic Painting Lesson ONLINE

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This lesson comes out on Sunday, October 17th.

There is something magical about sitting on the edge of a calm lake or pond. The water is completely still, and like a mirror reflects all the beauty around it. We all like going to that signature spot. A place where we can sit and relax and think, and just connect to nature.

Now that you can picture that spot, let’s paint it. Join Jenna Silander in her acrylic painting lesson “Discovering My Way.”

Learn how to paint a beautiful subtle blue sky, that is reflected perfectly in the mirror lake below. Then as you proceed into the foreground Jenna will show you how to paint a masterful tree and foliage. Then you will learn how to paint super realistic rocks with moss. Look at those rocks! You’ll have so much fun learning all these techniques that you can use going forward in your other paintings.

Come join in on the fun!