Jenna Silander – Acrylic Painting Lesson on DVD – I’ll Wait For You

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Come paint with Jenna Silander in this lesson titled: I’ll Wait For You.

Learn how to paint this beautiful winter scene with the snow falling through the atmosphere. Join Jenna in this two hour lesson as she takes you through each step in the process.

Learn how to mix every color and apply each and every brush stroke. You’ll learn so much about atmosphere and how to create depth using just a few colors. Then learn techniques to create snow, and wind moving through the trees. You’ll learn techniques that you will take with you forever, that you can apply to future paintings.

You’ll have so much fun painting this great piece of art. Check it out today!

Canvas Size: 13 X 16 or 11 X 14 would work great, or go bigger with a 16 X 20
Colors Used: Sap Green, Payne’s Gray, Titanium White

Lesson Length: 2 hours

Use the finished image as a reference photo, online. Online lesson included with DVD