Filomena Irving’s acrylic painting lesson – Ola’s Poppy – DVD Version

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Lesson Preview:

In Filomena’s acrylic painting lesson Ola’s Poppy you will learn how to paint a poppy from her smoke flower series. This lesson will get you painting loose and free. Learn how to use movement and subtle color shifts in the background to create the “smoke” feel. From there Mena will show you how to draw out the flower and begin layering slowly and loosely.

Filomena has a very Monet-esque approach to florals. You’ll have a ton of fun painting with her, and learning her style. She is very direct, uses limited color palettes that are easy to follow, and just a couple brushes to achieve beautiful paintings. Filomena has built a wonderful career and following with her unique style, and now you can learn how she does it!

Lesson Length: About 1 hour
Canvas Size: 16 X 20
Medium: Acrylic
Colors Used: Payne’s Gray, Titanium White, Cerulean Blue, Gold (could substitute with yellow ochre)