Free Painting Lesson in Acrylic

Below you will find the FREE painting lesson.  To watch each video enter the password located directly above each video window.

Here is the supply list for the FREE lesson.

Acrylic paint colors I will be using: Brilliant Blue (liquitex heavy body), Sap Green (Golden Heavy Body), Raw umber, Cerulean Blue, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Yellow Ochre, Titanium White, Zinc White

If you can’t find Brilliant Blue, you can just use Cerulean Blue, or Cerulean Blue Hue the entire lesson.

Brushes: I will be using my 14 piece brush set from my website. I am offering a discount on the set for all the members here taking the free lesson. $20 off using coupon code FREELESSON.

You can find more info about the brushes here:…/tim-gagnon-brush-series-14-brus…/

Canvas: I use stretched canvas, and will be doing this lesson on a 24 X 36 inch canvas, but you can do a smaller size like 18 X 24 or 16 X 20 as well. I use the premium pre stretched canvas made by Blick at

If you plan to try using oils, all the supplies above are the same, except in oil. You will also need liquin original and Oderless Mineral Spirits (gamsol).

Part 1
password: 48475

DOWNLOAD PART 1 HERE (right click save target/link as)

Part 2
password: 5336

DOWNLOAD PART 2 HERE (right click save target/link as)

Part 3
password: 66334

DOWNLOAD PART 3 HERE (right click save target/link as)

Reference Photo:

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