This year I will be doing something new around the Holidays!  I will be offering a limited number of commissions.  I normally don’t do commissions as I don’t have much time with my travel schedule, but this year I have cut back my late year travel and am open to doing a few commissions for the holidays.  Here is how it will work.  Below there is a form to fill out if you are interested in a commission.  You can select from some of my popular styles, or request something specific.  Here are some of the styles and cost I will be charging:

Prices for popular styles below:

18 X 36: $500 (unframed)

24 X 36: $600 (unframed)

36 X 48: $800 (unframed)

Custom size: you can select a custom size, and I can quote you a price

Misty Forest Series:














You can select the main colors you want for the painting.  I can do any sort of combination (if I don’t think it will work I will advise you to adjust colors).  This is a very popular style and will light up any room.


















Do you like a certain old building around the area, or have a pic of one?  Barnscapes are a great way to immortalize an old structure you have always admired.

















Add a beautiful sunset, or dramatic sky to a dark room and it will give you an extra window to the outside, or give you a beautiful view inside your living room.

Traditional Landscapes












Maybe you have a certain spot that you love that you’d love to turn into a painting.  I can do that too!

If you have something else that you’d like painted, contact me using the form below.  I will also be having a big painting sale right after Thanksgiving.  There will be about 20 paintings to choose from, so if you are looking for artwork but don’t have anything in mind stay tuned for the sale!

Please fill out the form below: