I like going to art museums so I can look at paintings really close up. I like to see all the brush strokes. I want to see how much effort was put into a highlight or a shadow, or a transitional color that connects the two. Usually I’m surprised by what I see. Have you […]

SKETCHBOOK DIARIES SPECIAL – Take 10% off your online painting lesson order today! COUPON CODE: SKETCH2 Crosshatching is a technique used in sketching where you create crisscrossing pencil marks to create shadow or darker values. There are a few reasons why I crosshatch when I sketch in my sketchbook. 1. It teaches you to layer. […]

The best way to learn values, I’ve found, is by using a toned sketchbook. It’s great because it starts you out in a midtone value that you can either increase or tone down. This gives you great flexibility and will help you immensely with painting. Values are one of the most important things in painting. […]

I always get a great painting idea when I’m not expecting it. I’ll be driving down the road, daydreaming, and all of a sudden I’ll see a cloud, a tree, a road and think of this great idea for a painting. It’s kind of like waking up in the middle of the night with that […]

My latest painting lesson The Old Road Takes You There (pictured above) will be out soon. Pre-Order now and save! Click Here! “Don’t go down that road.” Have you ever heard someone say that in a city, or in a town that resembles the movie set of ‘Deliverance?” Think about the history that road must […]

“Los Angeles?”  The phone was ringing and the caller ID said Los Angeles. “Who do we know from Los Angeles?” I decided I should answer it.  Usually I don’t answer calls that  don’t identify themselves on my caller ID.  Los Angeles was pretty vague, so I assumed when I picked up it would just be […]

Over What I Once Knew I’ve packed my bags And left it all So I can find my way to what I’d call A new direction A place of truth a real connection to my fading youth A treacherous way To leave the past But time is coming and going too fast Take the step […]